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June 22 2017

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June 21 2017

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Devil Scrap, a garbage monster  from ep. 22 of JAKQ Dengekitai

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Fuck this is so cool ❤️

June 19 2017

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If this flag offends you, I’ll help you pack

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June 18 2017

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Beretta M93R

June 17 2017

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”Girls”, Portraits by Luo Yang

In her series Girls, Beijing-based photographer Luo Yang reveals a side to contemporary China that is rarely seen in the West. Defying stereotypes, Yang’s subjects depict bold, self-aware Chinese women of an emerging generation instead of appearing simply timid and shy. 


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German skeleton costume [1915]

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Guns - Broomhandle Pistol with holster/shoulderstock and a rare Erma Model ET 22 Luger Carbine

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June 16 2017

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Takeshi Kitano, Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

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