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February 07 2018

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February 05 2018

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January 31 2018

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“Azheghafe (Ажэгъафэ): The Jester in Circassian Folklore”

From Maria Mussova’s captivating series “Circassian Fairy-tales”


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January 23 2018

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“Infinite Schism” by Leilani Bustamante

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Yuima Nakazato Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2018

January 21 2018

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Dark City

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Helter Skelter, Mika Ninagawa (2012)

January 16 2018

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January 15 2018

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January 14 2018

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January 10 2018

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“Winter chills, with a warm coven embrace”

COVEN, hey hey, so I I’m here again with a fresh set of Coven winter outfits. Me and the winter season have a love, hate relationship, but it all seems to work out in the end My friend ( @michaelfaucett) and I had a lot of fun shooting this look, so i hope you all like it. .

p.s. go and check @michaelfaucett page as well, he and i do a lot of cool shoots together so it worth a look or two.

instagram: @beingadp 

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